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Since my last post about K-Stew, she seems to really have come into her own as far as her fashion choices. What was just beginning to become evident: her flair for the off-beat, slightly harder edged clothing and a glimpse of just how beautiful she could be on the R.C. with a little styling. Behold our semi-graduated fashionista…


Still a little awkward.. but its about to get a whole lot better.


@ the Nickelodeon awards. A bit mainstream for her, but still cute.


@ MTV Movie awards. GREAT dress for her. spunky, sparkly and a pair of killer heels.


The shoes are so ugly but if you cover them up this is a perfectly good rebel chick look for on the street.


Gorgeous. She is very statuesque in this dress and the shoes are killa!


Close up of the shoes i want to own!


A perfectly appropriate, K-Stew-esque outfit for her appearance on Leno.


Kickass shoes (again.) and a quirky-business-inspired look. Totally different for her but still totally her.


A little more flirty for her.. but still with an edge.


I have to confess I have a bias for all things Preen here.. but again, quirky is something Kristen does well.


Looking a little dom-school teacher, sexy here.. in Narcisso Rodriguez


Part of her press tour for Snow White…not something I’d normally see her in but there’s enough of an edge to it that it works.


A KILLER shot from her spread in Interview Magazine with Charlize. Gorgeous.


A shot from her recent Vanity Fair spread… she knows how to give good model pout.


Dressed down, but still approachably appropriate, for Comic Con.


My picks for the Best Dressed of the 2012 Oscars Red Carpet.

#5 Best Metallic

Stacy Kliebler in Marchesa

#4 Most True To Form (as per her recent RC choices)

Rooney Mara in Givenchy

#3 Most Improved

Jessica Chastain in Alexander McQueen

#2 Most Kick Ass Cape

Gwyneth Paltrow in Tom Ford

#1 Best Color and Most Exuberant

Emma Stone in Giambattista Valli

I’ve never read the Twilight books. I’ve seen the first movie but none of the others. I think the movies are pretty bad. BUT, I have become a little bit enamored with Kristen since seeing her editorials in a few magazines. She is really quite gorgeous, especially in a photograph and I thought with Breaking Dawn just out it is a timely moment to do a little retrospective of her red carpet looks as they’ve evolved through the Twilight movie premieres and award seasons.

Early on the game, Kristen was as awkward on the RC as I imagine any of us regular folk would be. Or maybe she just doesn't give a shit.

I like that she's trying to stay true to her own style. Hate the hair.

Not a terrible dress but Oh the styling! Oh those shoes! sigh.

I'm not against a more casual look on the red carpet. I figure it must get tiring squeezing into little dresses every night. Outift on the left is IN-ish, Outfit on the right is OUT.

Again showing her personal style in the clothes but hate the styling.

Pretty dress but it seems too princess-y for her.

A non-dress. with non styling.

Interesting dress with some edge to it. And she looks comfortable.

She's young so she can get away with short and sparkly. Best styling in awhile.


Another non dress. No jewellery. Ug shoes. Greasy hair. OUT!

Another edgy look with a bit more glamour to it. Hair and makeup starting to really work.

Odd dress but points for trying something. Again, her hair and makup look great.

Unexpected for her but its a beautiful color and she's looking great.

Cute and interesting dress.. she's clearly getting a handle on the whole red carpet thing.

She returns to the funky short dress for a bit here. As usual her styling is minimal. An updo and some jewellery would make her look much more chic.

Almost a non-dress. Yet again, no jewellery, no styling whatsoever.

Its not the best dress in the world, but its a GOWN that still stays true to her style. A perfect example of how a little jewellery and an updo elevates her.

Again a gown that suits her style, with some decent styling (at lest in hair and makeup)

Stunning dress which begs for minimal extras. Great hair and makeup. She's on a roll...

Here’s some links to the Editorials I was talking about.(Click the image to see a post from Tom&Lorenzo and more pictures from the mag.)

US Vogue



Vogue Italia

W magazine


I’ve been reading all day about the red carpet from last night and it just dawned on me to write a post of my own.

So here are my Top 5 WINNERS for the ‘Fashion’ Oscars!

And the Award for Best Fashion Risk-Taker goes to…

Cate Blanchett in Givenchy.

Cate Blanchett in Givenchy. I think about 1% of women could actually pull this dress off. She isn’t just pulling it off. She is making it look like something the other 99% of women want to wear!

The Award for Most Flawless Use of Couture goes to…

Anne Hathaway in Armani Prive

Anne Hathaway in Armani Prive. This dress looks like LIQUID and is an amazing color. it is no small feat to wear something this shiny, form fitting and futuristic and have it look effortless and totally chic, while hosting the Oscars no less!

The Award for Best Use of an Almost-Over-Embellished Dress goes to…

Mila Kunis in Elie Saab

Mila Kunis wearing Elie Saab. This dress defies the sum of its parts. Drapery, Lace, See-through panels, ruffles… it should add up to fashion disaster but instead it adds up to capital ‘G’ Gorgeousness.

The Award for Best Use of Red on the Red Carpet goes to…

Rhea Durham in Naeem Khan (no photos of her solo)

Rhea Durham in Naeem Khan. Seriously, there was a lot of hubbub made over all the red dresses on the red carpet this year but until I stumbled on this photo I wasn’t in love with any of them. I love the contrast of the patterned top with the flowy, effortless skirt. Its a nice way to bring red to the red carpet without going full-tilt RED.

And finally, the Award for Best First Timer on the Red Carpet goes to..

Hailee Steinfeld in Custom Marchesa

Hailee Steinfeld in a custom Marchesa. This girl has been rocking the red carpet pretty consistently and she looked age-appropriate, yet beautiful in this Marchesa that she had a hand in ‘customizing.’ its not every day that you get to dress in a fairy tale gown and if there was ever a time, a girl’s first time at the Oscars is it.