Episode 1 & 2

Hello hello! Its been awhile. Apparently for all of us – 10 seasons!

I’m going to do a catch up post here and then attempt to recap regularly for this season. Last season I was so frustrated with the contestants and challenges that this ended up becoming an arduous, thankless task and I quickly abandoned it. This time I am hoping there are enough really talented people and interesting challenges to keep me going. I make no promises though.
The 16 contestants and my take on them:

Beatrice Guapo: Knit wear people just never do well on a SEWING show – they just work in a material that is not conducive to the time constraints. Her work is pretty subtle and with these other designers in the room, I don’t think she will last long.

Lantie Foster: Her “I re-purpose vintage clothes and make them new” aesthetic worried me as soon as I heard it. She has not convinced me otherwise in the challenges.

Alicia Hardesty: I like her tomboy aesthetic but I foresee problems when it comes time to dress celebrities or do evening wear – she can’t send Natalie Portman out to a premiere wearing a boxy, dropped-crotch coverall.

Andrea Katz: She seems quirky and cool – but I don’t love what I’ve seen of her silhouettes so far. She could be a Mila – too stuck in her own aesthetic to truly adapt to the challenges, but still producing some really memorable pieces.

Buffi Jashanmal: Nope. I just don’t get it. She’s hilarious and I want to be her friend like, yesterday – but her clothes are pretty hideous.

Christopher Palu: TLo have nicknamed him “Costello-lite” and now I can’t see anything else. I will be interested to see what he does, if he and Gunnar can keep their claws sheathed long enough to make some fucking clothes.

Dmitry Sholokhov: reminds me a bit of Malan, but a LOT more confident. Malan had a fragility to him that this guy doesn’t. I like his clothes – we’ll see if he can rise above the category of elegant/pretty though.

Elena Slivnyak: I am already obsessed with her clothes! Those portfolio images they kept showing were works of art. Cra-mazing! Her avant garde thing might not work for every challenge so I can see her being eliminated before final 3, but not until after producing some kick ass garments.

Fabio Costa: I was apprehensive about his ‘freegan’ thing – I thought “Oh no, an arrogant self-important hippy, GREAT.” but he has actually appeared to be more friendly and down to earth than I originally anticipated, and his clothes are beautiful, no doubt.

Gunnar Deatherage: WTF. Go Home Already.

Kooan Kosuke: What a hilarious little character. And I mean every word of that. He is definitely a CHARACTER – like out of a video game or something. I like his quirk – adds something fun to every challenge…we’ll see if he lasts though.

Melissa Fleis: Goth Girl. Yawn. or.. maybe not? I wasn’t all that impressed with her initially but one thing I have since noticed is that although she is doing the leather thing – its soft and still kind of feminine and organic..which I can appreciate. If she makes anything that is not black though, I’ll be surprised.

Nathan Paul: I’ve kind of forgotten about him already. Not a good sign.

Raul Osorio: I can relate to his ‘I just got out of a relationship that consumed me’ story but I’m not sure I know what his aesthetic is yet.

Sonjia Williams: Middle of the road for me.. we’ll see what she makes on the show. PS. The shark jellies were awesome.

Ven Budhu: Cross between Burt and Laura. I like his glamour – will be interesting to see how he copes with unconventional challenges.


So far I have completely agreed with both eliminations. In fact, I thought they maybe could have been reversed but the outcome would probably still have been the same. Beatrice seemed SUPER in over her head and Lantie had taste issues. So does Buffi, but her time will come.

I’ve also generally agreed with the top 3/winners in both challenges. That dress by Christopher was beautiful, even though the companion piece wasn’t, and Ven was very smart about his approach to the candy dress. I thought Sonjia should have won but at least she was recognized for her ingenuity.

What I CANNOT STAND is Gunnar. I don’t even care about his clothes. I’m not even looking at them.. and if I am, all I am seeing is the ugly little troll who made them. He needs a good smack and a harsh harsh crit from the judges and then elimination. He is equal parts totally fake and a total dick. Go home.

See you next ep – where Project Runway appears to be getting all incestuous for its 10 yYear Anniversary season by re-hashing some old designers from past seasons yet AGAIN. They do remember that they just did an All Stars season right? Le Sigh.