The Challenge: Create a beautiful dress inspired by a flavor (and color) of gelato in 6 hours.


Most of the designers are freaking out right about now.

Some of them criticize others who choose simpler designs to execute. If you can make it gorgeous in 6 hours and its simple vs. poorly constructed and intricate.. what would you choose to show Diane Von Furstenberg?


Anyways, the designers get to shop at “Mini Mood” a room full of fabrics that they’ve brought into the workroom so the designers don’t have to waste any of their precious 6 hours on a trip there. This is unfortunate for some of the designers because given a wider choice of fabric, they may have been better able to execute their designs.

What it comes down to is that a 6-hour challenge is not all that great an idea. The designers don’t have time to show the judges their most creative work but rather what they can grind out in a short amount of time. Most of the designers insist that it is impossible to make anything in 6 hours including leggings. Hmmm.. I don’t buy that one. Michael is unfazed because he ‘frequently works with clients who want garments in 45 minutes.’ I don’t know if I buy that one either BUT he does manage to get something happening on the dress form quickly, amidst more barbs from the haters in the workroom.

I expect a rather awful and awkward team challenge pairing of Jerrel and Michael in the near future….

When Joanna arrives she brings a little cup of gelato to each designer so they get a reminder of their flavor (and a well-deserved treat!) Her visits with each designer seem more like tests of their potential as guest editor of Marie Claire than insights into the designs they are working on.

Runway dahlings!

Mondo -“Cantaloupe” fresh fruity colors and a smart choice for the amount of time they had to execute.
Anthony – “Green Tea” interesting concept of hard and soft, nice skirt, too complicated on top?
Kenley – “Passionfruit” girly, summery, simple.
Rami – “Kiwi” overly complicated and garish, skirt is wobbly on the bottom.
Mila – “Milk and Sour Cherries” breezy, a bit sloppy, poor styling, like the use of color.
Jerrell – “Fruits of the Forest” chic hippy?, I like the straps and the print.
Kara – “Chocolate Cayenne” pregnant! and where does the white come in?
Michael – “Grapefruit” luxe, flowy, nightgownish?
April – “Blueberry” sad accessorizing, too short.
Austin – “Vanilla Madagascar” interesting details.


Bottom Three

The Bottom 3:

  • Anthony’s green tea gown looks more like a head of lettuce. Too complicated for the amount of time he had.
  • April’s blueberry dress looks like another costume from a Tim Burton film. Poorly made, though they like the color.
  • Kara’s ruffly chocolate cayenne dress looks like “a pregnant cupcake” The judges get her explanation but they don’t see it.

Top Three

The Top 3:

  • Mondo’s caftan, “a loose interpretation of the cantaloupe,” has everyone enthralled. Cantaloupe Magazine! Too literal?
  • MIchael’s grapefruit kimono/nightgown, effortless but safe?
  • Mila’s sloppy checkerboard dress inspired by ‘milk and sour cherries’-flavored gelato. Styling is killing the look. Judges are divided.


April is OUT.