The challenge we’ve been teased about since Episode 1 is here…

Miss Piggy

Design a “Flamboyant Cocktail Dress for a famous Fashionista” none other than the divalicious Miss Piggy! Budget 150.00. 1 day to complete.

Most of the designers were excited about this challenge and it brought some fun and whimsy into the show again. It was also (potentially) a challenge we’ve never seen on PR before. Designing a functional dress for a Muppet  (and the performer underneath it all) is an amazing design challenge but alas, they didn’t go that far – it ultimately boiled down to a ‘design a cocktail dress for this celebrity’ challenge, which we’ve seen a hundred times.

Most of the drama for this episode came out of the fumbles and foibles in the workroom. Despite the brief, Mila chooses to make something for herself rather than her client. Like the judges said, even if she had incorporated color or sequins, she would have appealed to a Miss Piggy aesthetic a bit more.

At Mood, quite a few of the designers choose varying shades of pink: Mondo, Austin, Gordana, Kenley, Rami as well as black: Mila, Anthony, Kara, April (surprise, surprise.)

Color me shocked that NO ONE chooses anything with sequins or leopard print, which are Miss Piggy staples.

In the workroom, despite the fun of the challenge, things are serious. This is a trend this season. None of the time-wasting antics, laziness or lack of sewing skills that we’re used to from the early part of a regular season. Knowing each of these designers as we do by now makes the stakes so much higher while watching – I find myself looking at what designers are making and thinking “No! What are you doing? You’re gonna get kicked off with that!”

A lot of the designers are doing very structured pieces but Gordana decides to go flowy and feminine and from the get-go I’m thinking “How is this Miss Piggy AT ALL?” Rami is working on something with ridonkulous orange and pink polkadots and I am worried for him. Kenley is working in Pink Giraffe print but she thinks everything she does is Piggy-appropriate. There’s a mini fight over pink gloves that reminds me of the Blonde Barbie wig controversy from Season 2. Is every model going to have gloves? Is that the only way we can envision these clothes on Miss Piggy? Le sigh.

Mila feels that people are relying on each other’s opinions too much and that Kara and Kenley are becoming co-dependent, which she ‘doesn’t understand.’ I may be wrong here but I detect an undertone of jealousy. Like, she’s not making any friends in the workroom (just like last time she was on PR, what a coincidence!)  Anyways, her criticism is neither here nor there. “This is a competition.” Stern Look. Whatevs.

Joanna comes by and tosses around some advice. I admit that when she was an occasional judge I really didn’t like her (mostly because it seems like she never smiles or was overly harsh) but as a mentor she asks the hard questions that Tim no longer seems to ask. Designers are routinely speechless at the things she points out.

She tells Gordana to be wary of ‘nightgown’ and Mila to inject some ‘whimsy.’ She warns Austin not to make Piggy look like a ‘wrapped present’ and feels Mondo’s 60’s vibe. Possibly the best line in the episode was her question for Kenley:

“How does a Pig feel about wearing giraffe?”

Second best line goes to Anthony for “I almost ate bacon this morning.”

Another fight over the pink gloves ensues between Austin and Kara. Double sigh.

Runway dahlings!

  • Michael offers up a darker more chic look with an interesting print.
  • April is back to her typical babydoll in gray/black, not especially Miss Piggy.
  • Jerrel’s dress is odd. Over-embellished maybe?
  • Kara’s dress incorporates a lovely peekaboo and a great color scheme. Cute but not necessarily Miss Piggy
  • Kenley’s dress is an explosion of pink, and she throws a giant loofah on her model’s head again.
  • Anthony’s dress had some great elements of color and stripe but it seemed too heavy on the bottom/ back.
  • Rami’s dress had me laughing out loud. Its waaaaay too much, but then again, kinda perfect for Miss Piggy. Not practical in any way for a normal woman.
  • Mila’s is mod and modern.. not Miss Piggy at all.
  • Gordana’s does end up being too nightdress-y, too muted.
  • Austin’s dress: Oh god, the bows! Awful. Over worked bodice and a sad gray.
  • Mondo’s dress evokes Space Barbie – insane! Crazy hair too.

Love the shot.

The Bottom 3

Austin is on the chopping block for his sad color choices, and being “90’s Gaultier Redux” Piggy asks is she can hula hoop in it and comments that “the dress is unfortunate” is a generous way of putting it.

Gordana’s dress, as predicted, is too understated. “I don’t know if its moi.”

Mila tried to go “Hollywood it girl”, but its not flamboyant at all, which was the brief.

The Top 3

Rami’s dress, although difficult for the average woman, is Piggy Perfect. As she says, “But I’m not average!” Piggy’s comment: “That’s is the most garish outlandish ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen. I love it! It looks like a candy store exploded.”

Michael’s dress is deemed fashion forward, sophisticated. Piggy’s comment: “I love that dress. It looks like a present for Kermie.”

Kenley’s dress is whimsical but there is concern over the construction of the top.

Piggy’s comment: “I can use hat to clean my pots and pans.” During the deliberation she asks “What does a giraffe print say?

THE WINNER IS… Michael. I think they went with his because the movie portrays her as a fashion editor and his is more fashion forward. Rami’s dress is more Miss Piggy back in the first Muppets movie.

Gordana is OUT.