Project Runway All Stars Episode 2 Recap

The challenge is “A Night at the Opera.” I don’t know about you guys but when I occasionally go to the opera, I don’t wear a fancy gown.. in fact, I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone in a fancy gown. Picture dressed up nice for church or a wedding instead.

Anyways, apparently this means the designers get to make a ‘red carpet-esque’ gown and the pressure is on for Austin because this is his forte. Some of the others express concern about this challenge – Mondo and Kara know this is their weak spot.

The designers head to Mood and I only JUST noticed that they just fly in the doors raring to go.. there is no set up like there is with Tim Gunn. *tears*

Michael is concerned about using the same color fabric as April since their dresses last week were so similar. April expresses exactly what I was thinking.. she doesn’t have a copyright on the use of red.. but I do think he is being smart – he is aware that he is being compared to the other designers and elects not to be too similar to her. I sense he is also avoiding igniting the type of drama that we saw go down on his season, where he becomes ostracized for stupid reasons.

Anywho, he goes for some black matte jersey and obviously I’m not a fashion designer but jersey does nothing for me – ie. It clings to every single roll and dimple I don’t want it to cling to – and I can’t imagine it would be flattering to anyone will any chub at all, which is most women.

Kenley is making something that looks like what Barbie would wear… yikes!

In the workroom we get to spend a little more time seeing everyone work on their designs. April is dyeing her fabric and everyone‘s eyebrows are raised but no one is saying anything to anyone because they just-gotta-get-this-shit-done! Austin is working on a gold dress, Mila can be glimpsed briefly working with blocks of fabric as per usual, Rami has got some HOT HOT pink fabric and I’m afraid for him, Gordana has a beautiful blue dress going on in the background but we don’t get to see much of it, Jerrel is working on a sack dress, Kara is working with grandmas couch fabric, Sweet P’s dress looks like it would be purrrfect cut short for summer but is totally out of place for evening, and Anthony is draping a white dress.

Joanna pops by and asks the hard questions again. I’m really starting to enjoy her. A lot of the designers hum and hah and can’t really address her concerns most of the time and it usually comes back to haunt them on the runway.

The runway runs down as expected. At this stage the editors have too many designers left to spotlight all of them and keep the runway critiques surprising. Whoever they focus on in the workroom – that’s who is going to be on the runway. Badgley and Mischka were perfect judges for this challenge and proved it with their insightful comments.

Top and Bottom

Top: Austin, Michael and Anthony.

Austin manages to keep his status as Queen of Gowns but I think Michael gave him a run for his money. Although B&M point out that his dress could not be worn by a lot of women because its rather unforgiving!

Bottom: Kara, Sweet P, April

This was kind of an obvious bottom. Kara and Sweet P’s dresses were too day time tea party/summer and April’s was too much.. everything. And not well done. Sweet P being in the bottom last week pretty much guaranteed that she would be out this week. 2 challenges and 2 fails.. boom.

Can’t wait for the snarky comments from Miss Piggy next week. I hope she visits the designers in the work room!