I’ve never read the Twilight books. I’ve seen the first movie but none of the others. I think the movies are pretty bad. BUT, I have become a little bit enamored with Kristen since seeing her editorials in a few magazines. She is really quite gorgeous, especially in a photograph and I thought with Breaking Dawn just out it is a timely moment to do a little retrospective of her red carpet looks as they’ve evolved through the Twilight movie premieres and award seasons.

Early on the game, Kristen was as awkward on the RC as I imagine any of us regular folk would be. Or maybe she just doesn't give a shit.

I like that she's trying to stay true to her own style. Hate the hair.

Not a terrible dress but Oh the styling! Oh those shoes! sigh.

I'm not against a more casual look on the red carpet. I figure it must get tiring squeezing into little dresses every night. Outift on the left is IN-ish, Outfit on the right is OUT.

Again showing her personal style in the clothes but hate the styling.

Pretty dress but it seems too princess-y for her.

A non-dress. with non styling.

Interesting dress with some edge to it. And she looks comfortable.

She's young so she can get away with short and sparkly. Best styling in awhile.


Another non dress. No jewellery. Ug shoes. Greasy hair. OUT!

Another edgy look with a bit more glamour to it. Hair and makeup starting to really work.

Odd dress but points for trying something. Again, her hair and makup look great.

Unexpected for her but its a beautiful color and she's looking great.

Cute and interesting dress.. she's clearly getting a handle on the whole red carpet thing.

She returns to the funky short dress for a bit here. As usual her styling is minimal. An updo and some jewellery would make her look much more chic.

Almost a non-dress. Yet again, no jewellery, no styling whatsoever.

Its not the best dress in the world, but its a GOWN that still stays true to her style. A perfect example of how a little jewellery and an updo elevates her.

Again a gown that suits her style, with some decent styling (at lest in hair and makeup)

Stunning dress which begs for minimal extras. Great hair and makeup. She's on a roll...

Here’s some links to the Editorials I was talking about.(Click the image to see a post from Tom&Lorenzo and more pictures from the mag.)

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