Soooo, WTF right?

That season was so lame I couldn’t even bother to blog it. I highly recommend reading the recaps by TLo because they are geniuses and could clearly see what was coming and which I steadfastly refused to allow myself to believe was happening.

Who wins Project Runway nowadays?

Beautiful People.

It doesn’t matter that her design was nonexistent. She was pretty and charismatic. Josh played the perfect supervillian and so he got to go right to the end too, if only for drama.

Was anyone else thinking about Uli and her ‘beachy’ designs that were actually, um, DESIGNED and thoughtful and not just cranked out in the last 4 hours before the show? Yeah.

And Tim, poor Tim Gunn,  has been irrevocably corrupted. Or edited into nonexistence, whichever you prefer.

Sigh. I am hesitantly looking forward to PR AllStars because there are going to be some familiar faces and I hear the judges are gonna rock (instead of like 10, 000 frickin actresses!) but in the hands of Lifetime? Le sigh. I just don’t know. Too soon to tell.

I ain’t even watchin that shit they call PR Accessory.