I was browsing the ‘ol Spring Runway shows on NY Mag and I came across this collection. As I clicked through each look, I became more and more dumbfounded – really? REALLY? From any designer I would be critical of this collection, but when it is freaking MICHAEL KORS!!!?

This collection is shockingly bad. I can imagine Michael Kors barbs if a Project Runway designer showed even a single look like this, much less an entire collection. It overwhelmingly reminds me of “Derelicte” from Zoolander, which was meant to make fun of high fashion. Sad thing is, Kors is being serious here. Kors calls this collection Afriluxe. I would call it “Who let the filthy hippies into Lincoln Centre” (no offense to Hippies intended.)

First up is the styling.

Just how every girl wants to look - sweaty and shiny.

Holy Hell Kors! For someone who is normally pretty spot on with what women want, you really went wayward. Sweaty, dirty models with forehead shine that could warn passing ships of the dangers ahead? Sooo not what ANY woman in their right mind wants to look like, especially in thousands of dollars of Fashion.

Ugliest Shoes Known to Man.

Now if the clothes weren’t already bad, then there are the shoes. Dear lord, the shoes. Thick, heavy-soled gladiator open-toed boots and sandals just kept bringing the eye down while looking at this collection. Some of the looks could have been saved with a chic heel or at least a less-heavy sole.

On to the clothes….

Michael Kors or Derelicte?

Ugh! UGH! I just, CANNOT see anyone in Kor’s clientele wanting to look like this. And yes, 3 of those looks have HOLES in them. Intentionally. The dying looks dirty. The tye-dye looks like she wanted to cover up stains on her pyjama bottoms. Everything is so baggy, shapeless and sad looking. The menswear looks were actually WORSE if you can believe it. There were also a few looks incorporating animal prints, (you can see a couple in the b.g. of the above pics) particularly bathing suits and caftans, but paired with the hideous shoes and styling they just read as slutty slutty, instead of luxe, which is what Kors is known for. Even the dress below could have been (mostly) salvaged by a softer shoe.

Patchwork Flinstones with hideous shoes.

Now the entire collection wasn’t a total abomination. There were a few Korsian looks in there that actually managed to get across his Afriluxe idea. But in a collection of nearly 75 looks, finding 5 that ‘aren’t awful’ is pretty bad. I get the feeling that Kors might have taken a page out of Gretchen’s book with this collection, tried to go more earthy and relaxed – but it just aint working for me.

The Luxe Michael Kors we know and love peeks through.