Dear New Balance,

I want to personally thank you on behalf of the Project Runway Audience. You’ve done so much for Project Runway this season and taught us so much I don’t know where to begin.

You’ve created challenges that, for the first time in Project Runway history, have significantly lowered the bar two seasons in a row with a ‘design’ challenge.

You’ve shown us that getting contestants to produce designs for your company for free is not only profitable but a way to generate tons of juicy drama.

You demonstrated how to take advantage of the reality TV format by convincing the designers that the production of their garments by you for your own profit is a prize.

You taught us that Heidi Klum is now a ‘designer.’

You’ve been a part of the first episode to select team leaders in a completely ‘unbiased’ way.

You redefined the criteria for a design competition while simultaneously benefitting from product placement.

You’ve rewarded a designer for NOT designing or making a garment for the first time in Project Runway history.

You forced Tim Gunn to wear jogging shoes.


Your Ultimate Fans,

No, really, we mean it,

The Viewing Public