Bonjour mes fashionistas!

I have been away on vacation for the past month so I was not able to even view the current PR season much less recap it during that time. This will be a short catch-up post and then I hope to be recapping in earnest for the next episode onward.

So far my impressions of this season are meh. I haven’t fallen in love with any of the designer’s aesthetics yet. So far there are no Mondos or Jay McCarrolls. The challenges have only been so-so. Mostly they just feel like re-fried challenges from other seasons. Nothing so far seems entirely original.

Come as You Are was really the same challenge as the S2 Clothes Off Your Back challenge – complete with scarf drama.

The losing designs from the oh-so-similar challenges.

The Pet Store Challenge was really just another Party Glitters, Manhattan Supermarket, Hershey’s Factory… etc.

The Stilts challenge, while admittedly a new idea was just plain ridiculous! NONE of those outfits had much merit. Even the winning look was so incredibly derivative of Gucci’s Fall 2011 work as to be insulting.

Deja Vu?

The Nina Garcia challenge was of course just another ‘celebrity client’ challenge, which we’ve seen every season, sometimes more than once. BORE.ING.

In addition to the challenges being been-there-done-that, I haven’t seen anything truly inspiring or omg-i-gotta-have-it go down the runway. I liked Olivier’s Pet Store look but its more a matter of being the best of the mediocre than being the best of the best.

Sooooooo yeah, I’m still waiting for this season to blow me away with something innovative in the challenge and something exciting on the runway.

I hear Episode 5 is another New Balance challenge. Oh goody. Wake me up when this season gets interesting.