Black Swan costume.

Textural, Gothic, Romantic and yet undoubtedly Modern at the same time, sisters Kate and Laura Mulleavy have created an intensely unique label. Their latest ‘unofficial’ work done on the ballet costumes in Black Swan has not only showcased their work in a new and exciting way, but has been a demonstration of the strength of their designs and ideas when their goals are achieved.

Rodarte is one of those lines of clothing that I find myself simultaneously drawn to and put off by. Their combinations of materials and silhouette are sometimes unexpected or even unnerving, but ultimately these disparate elements combine to create something you simply haven’t seen before. It is a perfect example of the artistic fashion that I have talked about before on this blog. In their collections you can see them attempting to capture a complex idea or a challenging aesthetic and a lot of the time it doesn’t quite work. Then, sometimes, it just comes together in a couple of pieces and you can really see what they were working towards all along and you suddenly ‘get’ the whole collection.

I have been able to access images of their collections from 2006 onwards and it offers an interesting look at the evolution of their line over the seasons. Part 2 will be up later today and will start with their 2006 collections.

White Swan and some pieces from Fall 08.

A little bit of background:
Sisters Kate and Laura Mulleavy arrived in New York in 2005 with a 10-piece collection jammed in their suitcases. Their small collection was seen by major editors and buyers and in no time took home awards and the respect of the fashion world and celebrities alike. They are self-taught and their process is meticulous and couture-like and they are known for their  hand-stitching, knitwear, printing, draping, and pastiche.

Check out the latest Rodarte collection – Spring 2012!!