I’ve been at a real loss for what to blog about now that Project Runway is over. Although I watch America’s Next Top Model, I have to admit that even with the crazy awesome prizes this season cycle, I just don’t care about it enough to blog about it the way I did PR.

Project Runway just had more going for it I guess. As an artist I think what I loved most about the whole idea of Project Runway is that its a show about creative people MAKING things. Getting to witness people being creative is definitely what makes the show unique. If you look at shows like ANTM or American Idol, just for example – there is a specific ‘type’ of person that its geared for. ANTM is for models. As a viewer it might be interesting to us but not ultimately attainable for us. American Idol is about performing. If you are a shy person, this is likely not something you could ever see yourself doing.

Project Runway shows us all types – ages, ethnicities, sizes, unique visions.. and it doesn’t even have to try that hard…because artists really are that diverse. I would actually argue that there is an artist inside everyone, which is why it is something so many people can relate to. While there may not be a model or a singer in all of us, there IS something creative trying to get out and make its mark. Watching other people do it is as close as some people get whether because of fear or feeling like they can’t draw or whatever. If you are a PR viewer but you don’t think you are creative, I challenge you to rethink that. Art isn’t about how well you can draw. its about expressing an idea that you have in a form that allows you to communicate that idea. Sometimes it is a ‘concept’ but just as often it is about beauty. Art is something uniquely human and everyone should be encouraged to flex that muscle inside themselves.

So you ‘can’t’ draw or sing, or paint? Go buy a disposable camera and try taking  pictures of things you normally wouldn’t (i.e. don’t just take pictures of your friends – go for a walk and only take pictures of things that are below your knees or that you have to crane your neck to photograph.) Look at things from a different angle. Start a blog! Find your voice in a the comforting anonymity of the internet. Pick a topic that interests you and challenge yourself to write something that you think about it once a week. Heck, pick a TV show and blog about what you like about it to start.. that’s what got me going on this blog! Take baby steps – visit this site and just play around for 10 minutes.. you’ll be surprised how fun it is.