Project Runway Season 8 Episode 11 Recap


The Winning design(s) by Andy South.


It’s the ass-crack of dawn and the designers wake up at Atlas. Mondo looks like Edward Scissorhands with his curly hair all awry. Gretchen is happy that Val is gone and she is not getting woken up by giggles. “Sometimes I have to take something for me… y’now?” (Sometimes?) There are only 6 designers left – The stakes are higher… and Mondo jokes that he doesn’t like steak. yuk-yuk.

On the runway, Heidi forces all of the designers to change models. Gretchen is last and chooses Malana and Eyan is gone! NO! She’s my favorite! Mondo reflects that he intended to take Eyan right to the end with him and is sad.

The challenge: Heidi is their client. She asks them to design a look for her New Balance active wear collection and the winning look will be sold online. She will provide them with some fabric so it matches the collection. The models come back onto the runway wearing 6 pieces of the collection. (a.k.a 6 hoodies) So as opposed to last week, when the judges wanted FASHION, this week’s challenge is retail-driven and basic. Athletic-wear is posing a real challenge. Many of the designers have never done active wear before.

The designers get 30 minutes and $100 at Mood. Everyone is in the same aisle looking at jersey knits and Gretchen doesn’t really care about Heidi’s color palette. Andy is doing a sporty jacket, April is talking about an asymmetrical maxi dress. Mondo is going for his own aesthetic rather than following the shapes in Heidi’s line. Gretchen feels that Heidi’s collection is not meant to be exercised in.

Heidi comes in to give critiques and Tim informs Chris that his “new” model dropped out so Eyan is back! YAY!

Gretchen says she doesn’t like Heidi in the workroom and of course, she is ‘concerned’ for Chris because his work is flat. Heidi likes the open back on what he is making and cautions him to think about busy women who shop online and want to be hip. Mondo is next and immediately Heidi asks him what size he is a designing for. Mondo says he is making things at size 6 and Heidi tries on his sweater and his dress (which don’t fit her) and mocks him the entire time! She comments that maybe a Yorkie would fit through the neck hole and Mondo retorts, “Maybe I will try it on my dog when I get home”. (BA HA HA HA!!!) Heidi says there is no reason to be rude… but she was just being rude to him! As if telling him that his dress would fit a dog isn’t being rude! I used to really like Heidi but now I think she has started being quite mean for no apparent reason.

Mondo has to leave the workroom after this critique and is having a hard time dealing with other personalities on the show. He wants to be himself in his designs and feels emotionally drained with half the day gone and needing to re-do everything.

Heidi visits April and likes her asymmetrical dress. Gretchen wants to use her own fabric and make her own stamp on the leggings but Heidi doesn’t like it and wants her to use the fabric she provided. Gretchen is getting testy! Mike C is working on a ‘poncho dress jacket,’ Heidi makes fun, yet again, of Ivy’s critique that he couldn’t sew (meanwhile April is saying that he is doing the easiest technique possible which requires no patterns.)

I don’t want to get into a rant here, because I have one coming up… but seriously? I don’t know what is wrong with these designers. Have they ever seen an episode of Project Runway? It has NOTHING TO DO WITH HOW COMPLICATED THE PATTERN IS. Repeat after me: A complicated pattern does not a good design make (see: Ivy.) In fact, you could argue that he is being much smarter about things than the other designers in designing things that he knows he can execute quickly in case something goes wrong or there is a twist (which there usually is… see below.)

Deja-Vu… otherwise known as ‘Da twist’
Heidi tells them they are each going to design two more looks (head to toe)… and Heidi is going to send them some help. (Mondo is ignoring her for the moment.) They get 200.00 and an additional trip to Mood.

Tim tries to get them thinking positive and I think he must be feeling their pain after Heidi’s round of rudeness. They head to mood again and Gretchen is getting confused because Tim is shutting down all of her ideas for new directions. When they return to the workroom Tim brings in the ‘help.’ In the words of Michael C “ The doors open and here comes the past.” (aka. Eliminated designers) Mondo chooses Valerie, Gretchen chooses Casanova, Mike C chooses AJ, Chris is with Ivy, April is with Peach – no duh! And that leaves Michael D for Andy. Andy immediately undercuts Mike D by saying he ‘isn’t incompetent, but I will have to simplify my design.’ Grrrr. Respect?

Mondo rallies himself because he doesn’t want to be a dumb-ass with Val there. Gretchen is feeling really derailed by Heidi. The designers don’t have much of the day left to get anything done…

On to Day 2!

Chris is liking having Ivy’s fresh eyes on his work (I worry for the boy because these two are the most boring designers all season and boring plus boring.. is probably going to equal some kind of horrifying infinite Black Hole of boring that sucks all life and color out of fashion forever!

The designers and assistants are all sewing away making conversation and suddenly out of nowhere comes Legendary Biatch of Spastic-ness herself, Ivy, with an incredible pronouncement that she has no problem with throwing in Mike C’s face in front of everyone! She accuses him of cheating on the Jackie Kennedy challenge. Apparently cheating means using tape to hold your dress onto the model.

And this is where I have to pause the show and get ALL RANTY! Please, please watch a @#$%^ing episode of Project Runway before you say shit like this Ivy. Seriously. Has there ever been a SEASON when shoddy construction of something has ever been called cheating!? (and there is shoddy construction in every season, trust me.)
In season 3, Vincent GLUED HIS COUTURE DRESS TOGETHER. If that doesn’t constitute ‘cheating’ then taping your dress on to your model so you don’t have a nip-slip on the runway is certainly NOT cheating. Like, its so ridiculous I don’t even GET IT.

Ok, I’m hitting pause again. Let’s see what happens next….

Apparently Ivy thinks that Mike C is taking up a spot that other people should have had (like, oh, herself.) Mike gets (completely understandably) upset about this and says something that gets bleeped. Then she gets on her HIGH AND MIGHTY BITCH HORSE and says he is being inappropriate.




Like, you just were a second ago there?

Yeah, ok.


There is a whole bunch of yelling back and forth about sabotaging people (Who? When? Mike C asks and gets no details from Ivy…) and I just can’t even listen to it anymore because its such bullshit. The other designers in the room all want OUT of the drama. EVEN GRETCHEN doesn’t want it. She has resigned herself to the fact that the judges obviously like what Mike C does and I appreciate this sliver of maturity from her.

Next, Ivy actually walks up to and tells Mondo she made ‘his little friend’ Mike C cry because he is ‘not a good person.’ This is just like the bully at school telling people how he gave someone a wedgie in the bathroom or something… ITS. SO. IMMATURE. And Mondo isn’t having any of it.

April, on the other hand, congratulates her.

Ivy goes one further and tells Valerie she ‘took one for the team.’ TOOK ONE FOR WHAT BLEEPING TEAM? Seriously Ivy, why are your lips flapping? Just shut up and sew. It gets better though…Ivy starts talking about how the world will see Mike C for what he is and blah blah blah she believes in Karma.. and WHAM. Something ‘randomly’ (wink wink) flies out of a sewing machine and hits her in the eye.

And THAT…. is Karma, bitch.

(I have to pause the show again just so I can get a good laugh in on this.)

Tim comes in and addresses the rumors of cheating and asks people to explain. Finally Ivy comes out with this story about finding tape remnants in the bathroom and approaching a producer afterwards who told them it was ‘too late.’ I love Tim’s response: “It IS too late.” It’s he said/she said and since neither the judges, the cameras nor Tim saw anything worth ANYTHING, it’s a non-case. There is no malfeasance.” He assures Mike C that this is over and he needs to put it behind him and move forward. Mike C feels like shit (obviously.)

In the morning April is complaining about Mike C again. Sigh…give it a rest girl!

Andy is worried about finishing and I realize that the ‘drama’ has superseded the fashion. We haven’t really seen anything of what the designers have been working on all episode. (And I suppose it’s made for some good blogging….) Mike C feels he will be safe or win. Gretchen appears to make a peace offering to Mike C, telling him to let what happened go and just focus. (I have a little twinge of respect for her which I try to fight back.) Mondo has made headbands for his models and they are awesome! We leave the assistants behind and we’re off to the runway!

Heidi’s in a bright blue 80s dress! With hair to match! Gag.

My reaction to the runway:
Gretchen – overall wearable but a little young for Heidi’s customer maybe? Hate the cropped top. Hate the bike shorts.
Andy – very graphic, whoa LULULEMON much on the hoodie there?, last dress seems pretty cocktail but I like it.
April’s look relaxed and easy to wear and I like the last look best
Chris – boring, meh and shapeless… plus bad bad sweatpants.
Mike C – I like the poncho but that’s about it. Colors don’t seem like they would fit into the line.
Mondo – interesting, I see things that remind me of Heidi’s looks and I like the shapes and fabrics.

Mondo, Andy and April are in the top. Gretchen, Mike C and Chris are in the bottom.

Gretchen is full of pronouncements in the lounge! “I made 10 pieces and they are good pieces! Mondo shouldn’t be in the top because he made only one look!” Lets see what the judges have to say, shall we? (The guest judge is Norma Kamali.)

Mondo says he was inspired by a triangle, square, and a circle and the headbands are for the runway. Mkors thinks he gave up on the bottoms but likes the tops. Nina likes the satin combined with sportswear fabrics, especially the circle jacket. Norma Kamali thinks they will look good on the hanger as well as on the body and become go-to pieces for women. Heidi really likes them and is impressed with the changes he made.

April wanted to incorporate the style lines already in the line. Mkors likes asymmetry on the dress and arm band, but feels its not very active wear. Norma Kamali likes dress, but is missing some color. Heidi doesn’t like the shorts, but likes the dress as something to throw on after the gym.

Andy says he wanted to design comfy clothing women would want to live in. Heidi likes them a lot and thinks they would work with the line. Mkors thinks they are exciting, super -wearable, and loves the combination of chiffon with jersey. Nina likes the lightness, but feels its halloween-y.

Mike C noticed volume in Heidi’s line and wanted to do something fitted that still had volume. Heidi feels there are too many new colors and lots of things would have to be changed. Mkors thinks he lost the ‘easy.’ Nina thinks he has a lot of unnecessary accessorizing and it doesn’t look relaxed.

Chris, having never made active wear before, wanted to focus on details, construction, and comfort. Mkors thinks it looks so cheap, no one would pay more than 10.00 for anything he made and the dress is sadness personified. He comments on the proportion and the finishing. Norma Kamali says ‘you were not in love with what you were making.’

Gretchen says she wanted to make transitional pieces that were more sophisticated than a hoodie and wanted something sexy and comfortable. Heidi feels there are some pieces that aren’t casual enough and it is a hodge-podge. Gretchen stands up for herself and says she just disagrees. Heidi is reminded of a sausage and then a bathrobe. Mkors hates her styling.

The designers leave the runway and Gretchen is convinced Heidi hates her.

The judges have their final deliberation on each designer:
April, ease, oversize, quality, edgy-easy shapes, strong styling.
Andy – great job, interesting, luxurious, special.
Mondo – channeled it into interesting pieces, expensive, circle jacket, brings himself into it.
Chris- pyjama party at the retirement village, boring, finishing and fabric bad, sloppy.
Mike C – proportions, taste level and orange, talent but not taste.
Gretchen – 80’s dance video, disaster styling, she has an ego and “I’m gonna fix your collection” attitude.

Andy Wins! – and all 3 looks will be produced and sold in the line.
Chris is auf. I kind of expected this.

Next Week is the LAST CHALLENGE before Fashion Week. Woot! How did it go by so fast?