ANTM Cycle 15 cast

Its a new cycle of America’s Next Top Model, and things have changed. Sort of.

Tyra would like us to believe that Top Model is going to be different because the prizes are more high fashion and the judges are more influential.. but I still see the same typical Tyra drama crap that has infected the show for a long time. The highly unlikely scenarios (like a runway show 4 stories up or a photo shoot that is about the model) seem to serve only to show just how much they are trying to manipulate the contestants and the audience. Most new models are going to find themselves walking for unknown or emerging designers in fairly ordinary fashion shows, modelling for catalogues or Zellers. Even if they break into modelling for high end designers…the shoots are generally much more straightforward and ALWAYS about the clothes, not the model. Maybe I am just getting tired of Tyra doing stuff on the show that seems like she HOPES one of the models will fall off the runway, or have an emotional breakdown at the photo shoot… because its better TV. SIGH. I have always enjoyed the shoots more when they are truly creative and exciting (and yes, probably something a new model would never get to do) in an artistic way, offering a creative challenge. The drama in the model house always makes better TV when it is naturally occurring rather than forced by the show. (ie. Shandi cheating on her boyfriend vs. there not being enough beds in the house for all the models (rude much?))

Anywho.. my favorite model this cycle so far is ANN, with Rhianna and Kayla as runners up. How obvious was it that Annamaria would be the first one eliminated? Haven’t we learned by now that the girls who think they are so much better than everyone else never make it very far…?