Project Runway Season 8 Episode 6 Recap

My favorite this challenge. Mondo Guerra.... I'm sensing a pattern here.

So we begin with the designers still complaining about Michael C and how he should have gone home and claim he would have if he hadn’t had immunity. Well.. there’s a reason he had immunity dumb-asses! A friend of mine who is a theater actor once told me that as hard as it is to read a bad review – if you’re going to believe the good reviews, then you have to be prepared to take the bad ones too. I think the designers are suffering from this flaw. If the judges pick something to win and they agree, it was ‘obvious.’ But when the judges pick something they DON’T like to win, they are all like – what the %^&*? That was a piece of crap! I guess I’m saying either you respect the judges opinion (and the fact it might not always be to your taste) or you don’t.

On to the episode at hand. Heidi begins by parading out a group of everyday women wearing some ugly-ass stuff that the designers have to make into something chic and wearable by their client. They are bridesmaid dresses that they have never worn since the wedding they attended. The designers pick their dresses and we head to the workroom to see what they will make of them. They are also allowed to buy two yards of extra fabric at mood to help transform the dress into something wearable.

The surprise this episode is when the designers are told they will be having a public showcase of their designs that the public can vote on. The votes will ‘affect judging’ but not determine the winner. Ivy manifests some drama out of thin air starting a rumor that Michael C was calling her a bitch and telling people not to vote for her. New flash for you Ivy – if he really was doing that – you can guarantee the editors would have put a clip of it in the episode. The fact that there is no footage and Michael has witnesses has no effect on Ivy and instead of applauding his attempt to apologize and clear the air with her, the other designers use it as yet another excuse to rag on him. “Why did he have to do that in front of all of us?” Um… maybe because if he had tried to take Ivy aside she would have said NO or just complained that he wasted her time? His only option was to talk to her on her terms, meaning let her continue working. In the eyes of these designers, Michael C can do nothing right except go home.

Runway day and many designers are making adjustments to their garments. Seriously Gretchen – you are lucky you did because if you had sent down the runway what you had on your model yesterday, you most definitely would have been in the bottom. We all know how much Michael Kors hates side-boob! Once more, Ivy bores us with the most boring bore-fest in the history of boring! Psssst – you didn’t get votes because your outfit was BORING!! I know why she hates Michael so much – she is pissed that she has only been in the bottom or safe and thinks that Her Royal Highness of Boringness should be in the top instead. I hope she goes home soon. I’m bored.

Peach went home and although I like her personality, I am really thankful that Michael D didn’t go. He has put out some great work this season and I want to see more of him. Peach’s dress was definitely the uncontested ug of the group and she hasn’t had any really stand-out garments to remind the judges why they’d want to see more from her.

Mondo should definitely have won. Not only was his dress the best transformation. It was totally wearable and totally commercial, while at the same time being Fashion (capital “F”) and showing his point of view. I didn’t hate Michael’s dress but I do think the judges gave him the win for other reasons besides the garment he made. Part of me is happy for him because I love an underdog and I cannot stand how rude and awful people are being to him on the show. You tell ‘em Michael! You don’t have to like it bitches, but you can still show some respect for his wins. Gretchen is pissy because she is on par with Michael for number of wins. She is happy when SHE is winning but she is haughty and deprecating about others winning which shows a lack of character. There is an edit of Gretchen calling her mom for support and I think this is supposed to make us feel a bit of sympathy for her, but since she is right back to bitch-face by the end of the episode… I don’t.

It feels like the mean and rude behaviour this season has totally taken over the workroom. In past seasons, usually there was one or two bitchy designers who didn’t mesh well with the group and everyone else was really supportive of each other, even if it wasn’t their aesthetic. This time it feels like there are a lot more bitchy and mean characters who have formed a little gang together to tear down other contestants. (I’ve read a lot of great names for this group on other PR blogs: Team Mean Girls, Kool Kidz Designer Club… I’m still waiting for inspiration to strike me with a whopper of my own.)

I will definitely miss the ‘Peach-isms’ and now I am really worried the show is just going to totally dive-bomb into nastiness, with no one upbeat to counter-balance. Thank god for Casanova! I really appreciated his respectful view of Michael C’s win.

Looks like another team challenge is coming up…and someone is getting thrown under the bus! (again….)