Project Runway Season 8 Episode 5 Recap

My favorite look this challenge. Mondo Guerra

Is it just me, or is there an really obvious visible chunky zipper trend going on this season?

I’ve been thinking it since the second episode but now its really really obvious. So many skirts and dresses with a zipper running down the back… and now pants and shorts too?   me no likey.

Anyways, the challenge this week is to work in two teams of 6, with no team leader. Wha? That seems like a recipe for disaster and like they are setting someone up to ‘take over’ as a leader regardless. I wonder who it’ll be…

It’s the classic tale of the misfits vs. the egos. They called themselves Team Luxe, but I think they should be Team Ego. Anyways, Michael C has no idea how much everyone hates him and picks Gretchen for his team which is quickly filled up with Michael C haters. Whatever his construction skills are, he never had a chance in this team. The cards were stacked. Stacked I say!

Anywho. Each team has designers I like on it so I figure this could be an interesting face-off. In theory I thought Team Ego had the right idea about delegating pieces to be made by members who were suited for the task but their problem wasn’t construction. It was lack of design. When they used the defense of ‘it didn’t look like ANY of us’ I was like – oh you poor egos, you have no idea do you. Project Runway is about ‘showing who you are as a designer.’ How many times have we heard Tim or the judges say that? To make a collection that doesn’t look like ANYONE designed it was a terrible mistake and not something to be proud of. Le Sigh.

The runway show is the first time we really get a good look at Team Ego’s garments because they have all been in pieces for most of the episode. And it’s a parade of UG! The leggings paired with AJ’s over-long and over-complicated shirt dress are awful (and obviously a Gretchen trademark – check her leggings out in the previous episode.) Chris C’s camel pants look well-made but very OLD. Ivy’s is 150% WRONG. Its OLD and seems like Golden Girls in the 70’s. Andy’s look has a proportion problem with the lapels of the jacket. To be honest, the best overall look is the one associated with Michael C – it’s the most youthful of all of them.

Team Misfit came out with a group of outfits worthy of The Misfits themselves – if Jem was set in 2010 anyways. They were fun, young, modern and included lots of surprise details I’ve never seen before. I loved Valerie’s little jacket. Michael D’s asymmetrical top with the chains on the shoulder and Mondo’s whole look. (I want it!) I liked Casanova’s but I didn’t think it was the winner. His styling definitely helped him fight the ‘mother of the misfit’ label though.

The runway defense of Team Ego was almost hard to watch. It was such a car-crash moment. You want to know what happens but you can kind of guess what is going to happen and you really don’t want to see it go down. As soon as Gretchen suggested they stand together as a team and say no one was the weakest, I KNEW they were all going to turn on Michael C. Even Christopher who said, “I give you my word guys!” I was like – oh god.. just don’t go there. Be honest. The fact is, Gretchen was making sure they didn’t turn on her. As the team leader (unofficially) she was responsible for the overall collection. Her altruistic bullshit quickly devolves into “I was trying to save everyone from themselves and this crappy collection” but really, it was HER crappy collection and she just didn’t want to take credit for it. A.J. took the bullet and Tim delivered the smackdown and Gretchen is still in. Oh my!

I have been dying to hear Tim’s Vlog on this episode but he seems to be on vacay. Come back Tim!