Project Runway Season 8 Episode 4  Recap

My favorite look this challenge. Michael Drummond.

Munching on some chocolate chip cookies as I write this…they are the slightly chewy kind… To. Die. For. Lets hope there are some outfits this week that are to die for too!

This week the designers get a really unique challenge – design an outfit to complement a Philip Treacy hat. I can already imagine which designers from past seasons would have loved (and rocked) this challenge.

The designers all stay loyal to their models this time, taking whichever hat comes with them.
Kristin is in trouble as she doesn’t have any idea what to make to go with her orchid hat or ‘walking sex’ as she later dubs it. Her brutal chopping up of the dress seems to throw Tim off his critique and is a pretty apt foreshadowing of her imminent chop from the show. Michael C is a victim of “poor fabric choices” and the other designers think he wont survive the cat-skinning challenge (my favorite line of the episode, thanks Michael D) but the person who pissed me off most in the challenge was Peach! How could she have no vision? AGAIN. Seriously, I do not understand why she is on this show. Its one thing to make a bunch of little dresses that are ‘tailored to perfection’ but it’s a whole other thing to have a vision. All of the designers who have won Project Runway in the past have had this. Its only a matter of time until Peach is eliminated I am sure. I just hope someone with real vision doesn’t go home before her because they took a risk and she was safe with something “short, tight and shiny.” Rawr.
I am also worried about Christopher, mostly because everyone keeps telling him how gorgeous his garment is when its pretty ug. When he said he thought it looked like a chic pirate, I thought for a second that he was finally seeing the ug potential of the outfit, but alas no. So his model walked the plank, I mean runway, and he was slammed for it. Thank god. We are also treated to Ivy’s fourth drab color palette and all I could think was – thank god the HAT has some color! Inspired by hospital curtains? I wonder how that would have stood up if she had to defend her garment on the runway. We are meant to sympathize with Casanova after another wrenching critique from Tim, but I think his dress is pretty well suited to his hat.

The weirdest thing this episode has to be the super awkward moment of Hedi coming out in her ‘rose’ hat accompanied by a clip of “Kissed By a Rose” which is sung by, yes, her husband Seal. Eye Roll. I didn’t even dislike the hat, but I wish they had handled that a little better. Sheesh.

My train of thought of the runway show goes something like this: Michael C, not bad but a bit sloppy; Gretchen, way too casual, Kristin, ug ug ug! too random, no harmony; Michael D, cool textures and color, overall nice; Valerie, cleaner version of Michael C’s chopped hem, ug zipper! difficult ‘hat’ to work with…; A.J. meh; Andy, strong look, strong color; Ivy, BORING; April, hello diaper! Top looks like her first look; Christopher, sloppy pirate made a dress out of the drapes; Peach, ‘ladies who lunch’ again. Wicked hat though; Casanova, Donna Karan or not it went well with the hat; Mondo, kooky but whimsical in a good way. I’m happy with the bottom 3 and I agree with who was eliminated. Heck I woulda gotten rid of her in the last challenge.

The other designer’s disdain for Michael C’s dress is just so over the top its cray cray! (Thanks Valerie) It wasn’t my favorite but it wasn’t awful either. And by the end of the season, most of those same designers will, at some point, be re-thinking their design halfway through the day and starting a new garment like he did. It happens. This is Project Runway people. I just feel like they are picking someone to, well, pick on.

First team challenge next week.. dum dum dum!