Project Runway Season 8 Episode 3 Recap

The winner this challenge. Andy South

My favorite look this challenge. Mondo Guerra

Its time for the unconventional challenge! Yay! These are always my favorite episodes. So many memorable garments have come out of these, good AND bad. Lets see how our Season 8 designers fared with this challenge.

So the idea that Project Runway is going to ‘celebrate’ the fact that the designers had made it through two challenges is kind of funny. Usually that is when PR turns up the heat and makes the challenges harder. Anyways, this is an excuse to make a lame joke about Tim throwing them a party, when in fact they are headed to a Party Store to buy their materials for the challenge. There is a golden moment for the editors when Casanova starts buying tablecloths. Cut to two minutes ago when Tim told them they should avoid using table cloths. Ha ha ha!

They return to the workroom and Gretchen is showing her ego already by telling everyone how to work (start by cleaning up everyone!) It’s like a Kindergarten teacher telling her kids they have to put away the paints before they can have their nap. She also starts ragging on Andy, saying his work looks like student work- what exactly do you mean by that Gretchen? Do you mean anyone who does something remotely creative that you didn’t think could beat you? Ego much? Andy is braiding something amazing which we really don’t get to see much of until Day 2 meanwhile AJ is fretting about everyone’s expectations of his work in this challenge. In his own words, he is afraid it will just look like “a messy version of what he normally does.” Which it does.

We have some laughs watching Tim giggle over Kristin’s “animal wooly balls” and critique Peach saying she has a piece of coal up her butt! There’s another moment with Gretchen when Tim visits and she thanks him for telling her to trust her gut. She says she feels like she was listening to ‘opinions’ – whose opinions exactly I’d like to know, since she seems to be walking around giving hers to a lot of people. She questions Andy’s time management skills, but her roommate and friend Ivy is clearly in the same boat. Sigh. I like Gretchen’s past designs and overall aesthetic, but I am starting to get really annoyed with her personality.

I think the bottom 3 is pretty reasonable although I might have stuck Kristin in there over Sarah. Michael Drummond’s was a bit odd and I’m surprised he wasn’t in the bottom but I have a feeling Betsey Johnson’s scores might have been high for him, while other judges scored him lower and he evened out at safe. I don’t understand at ALL why Michael C isn’t in the top 3 though – his dress was amazing! Andy’s was definitely a clear top choice and to me, the clear winner. My personal favorite was Mondo’s. I loved his styling with the black tights and shoes and the dress was very fun and whimsical. I definitely didn’t understand Gretchen’s look being in the top. It was wearable yes, but TOO wearable for this challenge! Those boots were ug, ug, ug with the look and it was just so ordinary compared to the more ambitious pieces, like Michael C or Mondo. I also didn’t think she should be top 2. sigh. Maybe I am just hating on her because of the way they have edited the other contestants ragging on her and her attitude, but she does seem to be bossy, opinionated and haughty, calling herself a ‘force to be reckoned with.’ That never bodes well for designers on this show.