Project Runway Season 8 Episode 2 Recap

My favorite look this challenge. Mondo Guerra

The prize for this challenge is a pretty big one, especially once you see who is modeling the winning look at the end. Coco Rocha is gorgeous and a really creative and interesting model, plus she is Canadian – holla!

The main criticism I have for this episode is all the designers who went for a totally boring color palette. This is a BILLBOARD people. How often do you see a simple dress in a pale grey, nude, or peach tone on billboard? Never. It’s always something bright and bold with some details that make it interesting and not too simple. I’m not even a designer and I have noticed this! Sigh.

The twist in this episode is that the designers will get to have a photo shoot to try and capture the essence of their look in a way that will show the judges the potential for the ad. I thought this was a brilliant idea, and a much better use of those extra 30 minutes in the episode! Some of the photos are great (Mondo’s) and some are epic fails (Jason’s.) While I sympathize with Jason’s assertion that he is not a ‘prototype jack’ and it is more difficult than you think to crank out an amazing garment in a short amount of time, I think that he made a bad choice in his design to do something so complicated, especially if he knows he can’t work that quickly.

I pretty much agree with the bottom 3 in this challenge. Barbie’s Sofa vs. Little Purple Riding Hood vs. Punk–Rock Belly Button? I thought all three of them could go home. Kristin, Ivy and Christopher C were all guilty of the palette problem I mentioned earlier and I thought Kristin could easily have been in the bottom as well – her look was just so sloppy and didn’t say Marie Claire or billboard to me. Even Gretchen, who had the winning look, chose a pretty blah navy color for her jumpsuit. The back of it was the best part, sexy with some nice detail on the back of the calf. I think Mondo or Valerie should have won, but since they were in the top I guess I mostly agreed with the judges all around in this challenge.

Next week is the unconventional challenge… woot!