So last night I was catching up on one of my fav websites ever created, GFY (which stands for ‘Go Fug Yourself… although if you really needed that to be spelled out, this blog is probably not for you.) After poring through months of archives of fantastic fashion and fuggery, then searching out the results of the most recent Project Runway and ANTM Seasons (or Cycles, if you are, like Tyra, intent on creating new words to describe things that already have perfectly good words to describe them…) I realized that I was just so darn-tootin’ INTO this stuff that I should probably actually get off my ass and write my own blog about it. So here it is. In all its glory. The general idea here is that I will blog about some fashion-y thing or another, depending on my mood, and contextualize it with the particular type, brand or quantity of junk food I am currently enjoying. Hint: one of my favorite things to do is watch ANTM with [insert junk food here] strewn about.

* to start things off right – here is the website where I got the image for my banner. I DO NOT OWN THE IMAGE. It is borrowed without permission. I revere chocolate and its makers. Go forth to this website and buy chocolate.